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Canada will also have its Steadicar

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Steadicar 005 and 006

We are pleased to announce that William F. White Int. will be the latest company to offer the Steadicar.

The two new vehicles will be launched at Whites annual February Freeze show in Toronto on February 3rd.

Afterwards, one will operate out of Toronto, servicing eastern Canada, the other will be available in Vancouver for western Canadian operations.

Kerry Leger (WFW Specialty Eq. Manager) saw the Steadicar demonstrated during Cinegear in LA and was very impressed with the vehicle functionality.

Kerry felt it would be an ideal platform for use with the wide selection of stabilized remote heads at Whites and looks forward to being the exclusive Canadian rep.

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William F. White International
Toronto Phone : 416 239 5050  – Vancouver Phone : 604 428 2144

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